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Accounting Services in Poland

Updated on Wednesday 30th September 2020

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Bookkeeping and accounting services are essential for all legal entities and many company owners choose to outsource these services. Relying on a team of accountants in Poland has many advantages, among which the most important is the assurance that the company is fully compliant with the regulation requirements in force.
Before starting the steps to open a company in Poland, investors should consider all aspects related to incorporation as well as the matters that will become relevant once the company starts its business activities. Issues such as taxation, audit and accounting are to be taken into consideration so that the investor knows the general requirements applicable in the country. 

What kind of accounting services do you need in Poland?

When opening a new company or buying a shelf one in Poland, all investors must consider investing in services that will make their businesses tax and law compliant and also set for success.
Our accountants in Poland offer personalized consultancy for all businesses and taxation and bookkeeping advices. Please reach out to us for detailed information on taxation regulations and procedure in Poland.
A company’s financial statements must be, above all, accurate. Our accountants will verify all evidence supporting them and make sure no mistake is present.
Common types of accounting services are listed below by our agents who specialize in company formation in Poland:
  • - Bookkeeping: preparing and updating the company’s financial accounts as needed; monitoring all transactions;
  • - Tax filing: a service related to preparing and submitting the periodical tax returns with the Polish National Revenue Administration, according to law;
  • - Payroll: an experienced accountant in Poland can bring great benefits to any business in matters related to payroll processes and procedures; our accountants in Poland are qualified to prepare payrolls and statements for the company’s employees;
  • - Audit: complete services for evaluating the accuracy of a company’s financial statements and reports; performed in accordance to the Polish audit requirements;
  • - Forensic accounting: a special type of service focused on solutions needed in case of fraud or financial problems;
  • - Others: our team of financial experts can help investors and entrepreneurs with other services related to financial reports, such as accounting in case of company mergers or divisions in Poland and accounting in case of EU projects;
We work with a professional and experienced team of accountants in Poland who are able to assist companies that require these types of services.

How can a business benefit from professional accounting services?

Our accountants in Poland specialized in the country's legislation and accounting policies will help our clients’ businesses consolidate their position on the Polish market and improve their financial results. We will make sure they run well conducted management processes.
Our specialists in company formation in Poland are able to help clients businesses all the way from the moment of establishment and during their continuous development. We can help them organize their financial department and flow of documents so that all tax related issues run smoothly. We also provide consultancy and assistance in tax related matters for company registration in Poland and loans applications.

What are the main issues regarding reporting and taxation in Poland? 

Understanding the rules and regulations for corporate taxation and the principles for filing the financial statements is important before commencing business. Below, our team of accountants in Poland lists some of the highlights of the taxation and the reporting regime:
  1. Accounting principles: the Polish Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are used and in some cases the International Financial Reporting Standards.
  2. Corporate taxation: companies in Poland are taxed based on residence and they are considered to be so if they have their registered set or management in the country;
  3. Dividend taxation: those received by a Polish company from another Polish, EU/EEA or Swiss company are exempt from tax is they are not related to a benefit that is derived from a tax exemption and if certain holding and participation requirements are met; joint stock partnerships may not be subject to this exemption and out team can provide mode details in specific cases;
  4. Tax year: the tax year in Poland is generally the same as the calendar one, however, any other 12-moth period can be chosen.
The rates for the main types of taxes applicable to companies in Poland are the following:
  • 19%: this is the standard corporate income tax rate that applies to the worldwide income of Polish resident companies and the Polish-sourced income for non-residents;
  • 9%: this is the lower tax rate that can apply to income other than capital gains for small taxpayers and businesses that commence their activities with revenues lower than 1.2 million EUR in the first year (certain exceptions apply to this);
  • 0%: the general withholding tax in dividends, interest and royalties for resident companies; different rates of 19% for dividends apply in case of non-resident companies;
  • 23%: the standard value-added tax, with two lower rates of 5% and 8%; a 0% rate is also possible for some types of goods and services.
Investors should note that VAT registration is not mandatory for all taxpayers. The applicable threshold is that of an annual turnover of 200,000 PLN unless the company is engaged in an activity that is not subject to VAT exemptions (for example, the sale of alcohol and tobacco). Our team of accountants in Poland can provide complete  assistance for filing VAT returns and offer information about VAT registration in Poland.
Double tax treaties signed by Poland are a measure meant to attract foreign investors and avoid the situation when investors are taxed both here and their country of origin. When starting a Polish business you might consider taking the qualified advice of an accountant for guidance on how to benefit from these treaties.
In addition to the services we provide specifically for companies, we can also assist foreign entrepreneurs who are in need of accounting and taxation guidance when they act as international executives for a company in the country. Reach out to us if you are interested in issues such as the tax rates and the residence rules as well as filing the tax returns and compliance. We can also provide details on the capital gains tax exemptions and the taxation of investment income.
Our accountants in Poland create customized packages of services for each and every client in order to make sure they receive the most suitable advices for their businesses. We want to make sure our clients efficiently control the business expenses and therefore they are all set for success.

Why is company formation in Poland attractive to investors?

A World Investment Report published in June 2013 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development estimated that Poland will become in 2015 the 4th in Europe and 14th in the World most attractive economy for investment.  It is a country with fast-growing market with high potential due to its advantageous position, educated and highly skilled workforce, good infrastructure, inexpensive services and low production costs as well as recent legislative measures meant to increase foreign investments.
Contact us for complete information on company formation in Poland as well as the main tax and accoutnting regulations. If you need legal services in other countries, such as New Zealand, we can put you in touch with our local partners. 

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