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Advantages of buying a ready-made company in Poland

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Ready-made companies in Poland are an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who want to acquire the company and start business immediately after purchase. There are several advantages of buying a ready-made company in Poland, for example the fact that it is a cost-effective solutions allowing you to save time and start operations immediately after you become its owners.


The following video summarizes the advantages of buying a ready made company in Poland



How long does it take to purchase a ready-made company in Poland


Each investor willing to set up a company is aware that time is money and any entrepreneur who has a good idea for a business must begin to implement it as soon as possible. As the procedure of setting up a company from the beginning requires more time and effort, a Polish ready-made company is a profitable choice. For example, the registration of a new company can take up to four weeks from the entry in the Commercial Register to further registrations for VAT and tax numbers.


By opposite, most firms that offer ready-made companies can conclude all the procedures in maximum two days, which represents a big advantage of buying a ready-made company in Poland.


What offers a ready-made company in Poland


A Polish shelf company is fully registered and for this company there have been issued the NCR, tax, VAT, EU VAT numbers. You will also usually receive all documents and tax returns submitted to the office up to the date of purchase and for most ready-made companies offers you can use the providers' services of accounting, tax, as well as services related to human resources and payroll.


You should also make sure that the company has never conducted any business, has no assets, employees or debts, facts usually guaranteed by the sale contract of shares certified by a notary.


How can  a ready-made company in Poland be used


A ready-made company in Poland can be used for any type of business, but it is usually used as SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) for real estate or for the acquisition of another company, as limited liability companies to enter in the local market and start a business in short time (instead of a longer period of time which would have been required to set up this type of company), companies that need to obtain certain licenses or certificates. These situations offer an important advantage of a ready-made company in Poland.


What other benefits can offer a ready-made company in Poland


In Poland it has been recently recorded a sharp increase in the numbers of investors interested in buying a ready-made company also due to the willingness of taking advantage of EU grants under the Programme for Innovative Economy. Shelf companies for sale represent the perfect solution in this case in order to save time and effort for obtaining grants. The possibility to apply and take advantage of a governmental grant is an important advantage of a ready-made company in Poland.


Our Polish company formation specialists can provide you further information about the advantages of a ready-made company in Poland and they can also support you in the legal procedure of buying this type of company and in any issue related to company formation in Poland. Please contact us for further information.


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