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Total Investment to Grow in Poland in 2018

The Polish investment market is expected to continue having a strong performance in 2018. The most recent predictions are issued by Cushman & Wakefield, a consulting company that stated that the total investment transactions in the country could be well over 6 billion euros this year. Our Polish company formation agents highlight the main facts about the investment sector and can help entrepreneurs enter the Polish market.

Polish Officials, Confident About Meeting the Annual GDP Target

Polish officials are very confident that the country will meet both its annual GDP targets and the goals for investment growth. In a recent interview, Poland’s Investment and Development Minister stated that the Government has a well-thought-of plan that will allow for the achievement of the 2018 goals. Foreign investors who open a company in Poland have access to several benefits for doing business, making it even more plausible that the Government’s plans will be achieved.

The Polish SEZ to be Expanded


The preferential regime applicable within the Polish Economic Zones will be applied on a national level. The Polish Government has approved the plans that will facilitate the implementation of this new regime and companies in Poland will be able to benefit from this as soon as the legislative process is complete, most likely within the first quarter of 2018. Our Polish company formation agents can help you benefit from these new changes and obtain the necessary permits.

Easy Company Formation in Poland with Our New Tool


Starting a company in Poland is a straightforward procedure and it can be further facilitated by making an online submission for the application. Our company formation experts in Poland have developed a tool to help simplify the company formation process. The online incorporation tool involved three steps, out of which the first two will depend solely on you and your partners, if applicable. During the final phase of the process, you will be asked to forward the needed documents to our experts.

Moody's Rating Agency Maintains a Stable Outlook for Poland


Rating agency Moody’s maintained its A2 rating for Poland and changed its outlook to stable, from its previous negative indicator. The positive change is due to a reduction of the risks presented by loose fiscal policies and an improvement in the material condition of the investment climate. The rating agency presented its outlook after the country went through its political uncertainty. Company incorporation in Poland is welcoming for foreign investors who can benefit from the improvement of the investment climate.

Industrial Production Growth in Poland


According to Eurostat, industrial production increased in Poland by 4.9%, in February alone, compared to the same time last year. A similar growth was also recorded in January. Notable industrial sectors in Poland include the manufacturing sector, the energy, and gas sector as well as others such as mining and quarrying. Investors can open a company in Poland that engages in these fields by observing the local registration and licensing requirements.

Poland to Expand VAT Relief Threshold for Small Companies


Poland wishes to expand the VAT relief threshold for small companies and the country took a series of important steps in this direction. The first exemption from VAT for taxable persons was requested at the end of 2009 when the European Council approved it until 2012. Afterward, the derogation received an extension. Our company registration agents in Poland give you more information on this matter and how your Polish company could benefit from this exemption. 

General Trade Confidence Indicators Up in Early 2017


The wholesale and retail sectors recorded a positive growth in the first two months of 2017, leading to an overall trade confidence increase in Poland. These two business sectors were followed by a positive year-on-year growth in the industrial sector. Overall, Poland’s GDP recorded its most significant growth rate since the end of 2007. Investors who are interested in Polish company formation enjoy full foreign ownership and various business opportunities in the trade sector.

When to Close a Business in Poland


When they decide to open a company in Poland investors will not consider that day when they may have to end their operations. Oftentimes the decision must be made because of poor economic performance, which may be related to the direct activities of the company or to the general economic situation in the country. Deciding when to close a business in Poland is not an investor’s easiest decision and it can depend on a number of factors. 

Increase in Polish Exports in 2016


The first three-quarters of 2016 have been profitable for export businesses in Poland. The country’s overall trade surplus increased by approximately 1.2 percent on a year-on-year assessment basis. The export recorded the most significant growth, with more than 5 percent compared to last year. Germany remains one of the country’s biggest trade partners but foreign investors looking to open a company in Poland in the export business should know that Poland has favorable trade relations with numerous other countries.

Cost of Living in Poland


Poland is an affordable European country compared to other destinations for expats like France, Germany or the United Kingdom. The overall cost of living in Poland is one of the key characteristics that determine people choose to move to the country. Investors who open a company in Poland are also at an advantage because of the lower costs for employment or renting an office space.

Export and Import Growth in Poland in 2016


The total volume of imports and exports in Poland grew by 3% and more than 5% respectively, compared to last year. The data was released by the Central Statistical Office in Poland and represents the total value recorded over the January-July period for import and export companies in Poland.

Poland Maintains its Positive Investment Ratings According to Fitch


One of the top international rating agencies in the world announced that Poland maintains its positive investment ratings. Rating agency Fitch keeps Poland’s “A-“rating with a stable, unchanged outlook. The investment climate in the country remains stable and the country is well positioned in Europe because of its economic resilience and its diversified market.

4 Small Business Ideas in Poland


Poland is an attractive business destination in Central Europe and a country that provides numerous possibilities for setting up new business ventures. Poland is also one of the countries that best dealt with the economic crisis, further proving its economic and governmental stability. Foreign investors who are looking towards starting a Polish business can also explore some small business options in Poland.

5 Tips for Growing a Business in Poland


Poland is a European country that has important potential for development. As a local or foreign investor, after you open a business in Poland you will need to look for ways to expand and grow your company. Entrepreneurs can use a number of tips for accelerating the growth of their business or request the services of a company registration expert to help them implement various strategies for development.

Polish Economy Rose in the Last Months of 2015


The Polish economy registered a significant growth in 2015, according to the latest statistics. The last quarter of 2015 brought the highest increase in the last four years, increase that is very likely to continue in 2016 also. Our specialists in company registration in Poland can provide you with more information about the country’s economic status at the beginning of this year.

Poland Interested in China's One Belt One Road Project


Polish officials have expressed their appreciation for the ambitious Chinese project that will provide new land and maritime trading routes between Asia and Europe. During a recent visit to Shanghai, the Polish President talked about Poland’s intentions to strengthen its cooperation with China and how the country would want to implement the new Silk Road Strategy. This enforces the already existing economic trade relations between the two countries and could mean that new opportunities for foreign investments will appear between the two countries. 

Improvements in the Polish Job Market


Polish experts believe that the job market in Poland will continue to improve in the coming years. At the moment, the market is stable due to the fact that employment has started to rise again. As far as recruitment in Poland goes, public job announcements seem to remain the most popular method for individuals looking for a job. Our Polish company formation experts can help you with the recruitment and employment process.

New VAT Amendments in Poland


The value added tax (VAT) law in Poland has been amended, with changes being enforced as of 1 July 2015. The provisions concern issues like additional requirements for the reverse-charge on the supply of goods, bad debt relief or the amount of guarantee deposit for the purchase of fuel. Our Polish company formation experts can help you comply with these new changes.

State Aid Funds for R&D Companies in Poland


Companies in Poland that are willing to invest in research and development (R&D) activities will be able to apply for state aid funds. These incentives will be available for companies that perform industrial R&D activities and the openings for the aids will be available from May 2015 through December 2015. If you want to register a company in Poland and perform research and development activities in certain fields, our Polish experts can help you.

No anti-avoidance provisions for the Tax Ordinance Act this year in Poland


The latest version of the draft amendment to the Polish Tax Ordinance Act does not include any provisions for tax anti-avoidance. The Polish Government intends however to introduce the anti-avoidance clause. Our Polish company formation experts can help you understand the legal circumstances under which one can benefit from tax benefits in Poland and ca help you with tax minimization

Changes to the corporate income tax law in Poland


Starting with January 2015, the Polish income tax law has received some substantial changes. They mainly focus on new tax planning controlling methods, a new regime for the taxation of controlled foreign corporations and, perhaps the most important for foreign investors in Poland, a new thin capitalization regime. Our Polish company formation experts can help you if you are a foreign investor in Poland and need to adjust to the new changes.

Simplified accounting rules for small businesses


The Polish government decided to simplify the accounting rules for small businesses in Poland. These types of companies will benefit from more relaxed reporting requirements. This measure intends to encourage and sustain entrepreneurs in Poland and, on a broader level, bring more foreign direct investments in the country. Poland is already known as a top investment destination in Europe and the new regulations might increase its competitiveness. 

New automotive center in Poland


A new automotive center was opened in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Poland, in the south-eastern part of the country. The Voivodeship is a well-known automotive investments spot in Poland because it offers many advantages to foreign investors. Car parts producers and even aircraft producers have opened offices here and benefit from a strategic location. 

The Polish Real Estate Market is open for investments


International investors are becoming more and more interested in the Polish real estate market and this can be seen in the increasing number of new quality office spaces that are created. Warsaw continues to be one of the Polish cities receiving the most foreign investments, but other like Krakow and Katowice are also good options for entrepreneurs.




Starting a company in Poland can be difficult since it involves such complex procedures. The team from is very qualified and benefits from extensive expertise in this area. I would definitely recommend them to any entrepreneur decided to start his own business here.

Mihai Cuc, partner of MHC Law Firm

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