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Company Formation Poland



Easy Company Formation in Poland with Our New Tool

Written by: Editor

Easy-Company-Formation-in-Poland-with-Our-New-Tool.jpgStarting a company in Poland is a straightforward procedure and it can be further facilitated by making an online submission for the application. Our company formation experts in Poland have developed a tool to help simplify the company formation process. The online incorporation tool involved three steps, out of which the first two will depend solely on you and your partners, if applicable. During the final phase of the process, you will be asked to forward the needed documents to our experts.

Step one: the name and type of company

Companies in Poland are required to have a unique company name. You will need to verify the chosen name and adapt it as needed to avoid any copyright infringement problems. Company formation in Poland begins by choosing the type of company: our tool lets you choose between two of the popular business forms: the limited liability company (for small businesses) and the stock company (for larger companies).
You will be asked to introduce the names of the shareholders and their percentage of ownership in the company. You have the option to select a differed menu if the company for which you are using the tool is a foreign company interested in opening a Polish subsidiary.

Step two: details about the company founders

During the second step, you will need to provide further information on the company directors and shareholders. For example, we will need to know the name of the company director or directors. In Poland, shareholders can also act as company directors. 
The company’s activity is described in summary in the next phase. You will be asked if you will be using a local address as a registered office or if you prefer to use a virtual office services package. Finally, we will ask you to tell us if you will be visiting Poland during the incorporation phase. 
You can also check the appropriate boxes if you will require trademark registration in Poland or help for registering the company for VAT purposes.

Step three: preparing the company documents

Once you fill in all of the required fields in step 1 and step 2 you will be asked to submit the data to our experts. For this purpose, we will need your name, email address, and telephone number. 
Our agents will also need additional identification details, in copy and original, for the purpose of drawing up the company incorporation documents. 
Our tool meets the needs of foreign investors who cannot be present in Poland during the company formation phase or who cannot spend much time in the country. You can contact us if you are interested in more information about our services.


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