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Moody's Rating Agency Maintains a Stable Outlook for Poland

Written by: Editor

Moodys-Rating-Agency-Maintains-a-Stable-Outlook-for-Poland-1.jpgRating agency Moody’s maintained its A2 rating for Poland and changed its outlook to stable, from its previous negative indicator. The positive change is due to a reduction of the risks presented by loose fiscal policies and an improvement in the material condition of the investment climate. The rating agency presented its outlook after the country went through its political uncertainty. Company incorporation in Poland is welcoming for foreign investors who can benefit from the improvement of the investment climate.

Poland’s rating for investments

Moody’s, one of the main credit rating agencies, has changed Poland’s outlook from negative to stable and maintained its A2 credit rating (high-quality and low credit risk). This positive change comes after the downgrade that Poland received in May 2016 from Moody’s, when its outlook was lowered to negative from a stable one.
The change was motivated by the lack of material weakening in the country’s investment climate. Experts from Moody’s stated in their report that Poland has reduced its risks of loose fiscal policies and managed to stabilize public debt. The specialists also highlighted the fact that any possible political uncertainties are expected to remain contained. 
These characteristics are expected to encourage investment flows and maintain a generally positive investment climate.
Company formation in Poland is accessible although regulated by a number of local policies and laws.

Foreign investments in Poland

Poland has a strategic location in Europe and the country has an attractive internal market as well as various benefits for investors: from government incentives to talented and English speaking workforce.
Some of the key investment areas in Poland include electronics, information technology, the mechanical and metal industry, with the engineering and life search industries presenting great potential for development.
These are just some of the business sectors targeted by foreign investors in the country. For more details on the company incorporation procedure and the requirements for companies, you can contact our company formation agents in Poland


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