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Company Formation in Warsaw

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Warsaw is the capital and largest city in Poland. Many foreign investors chose to open a company in Warsaw because the city is an important economic center and an international tourist destination.

Our company formation experts in Warsaw are ready to help you with all the legal procedures regarding company formation in Poland and many more legal issues.
Open a company in Warsaw
Many local and foreign entrepreneurs who open an office in Poland choose to open a limited liability company (Sp. Z.o.o.). This form of business entity requires a minimum initial capital of approximately 5,000 PLN. The Polish limited liability company must have at least one shareholder and one or more founders. The shareholders are liable according to the amount invested in the share capital.
Other types of Polish business entities may be suited for your new company. A Polish civil partnership is more suitable for small businesses, while registered partnerships in Poland are used by entrepreneurs who open larger companies.
Our team dedicated to company registration in Poland can help you decide what type of Polish legal entity suits your specific business needs.
Tax compliance in Warsaw
After making the necessary arrangements for opening a new business in Poland, investors should consider the tax system in Poland. Income tax is mandatory for both legal and natural persons. The Polish Law on Personal Income Tax regulates the specific types of taxes and the tax on profits in Poland.
The Value-added tax (VAT) in Poland applies on any supply of goods or services. The standard VAT rate is 23 percent and a reduced rate of 8% applies for certain goods and services. Moreover, in Poland there are compulsory contributions to social insurance and additional taxes may apply, for example a real estate tax when purchasing real-estate in Poland.
Investment opportunities in Warsaw
Poland encourages foreign investment and special benefits are available for investors who set up their company in a Special Economic Zone in Poland (SEZ). These areas were specifically created to encourage investors, however, there are certain types of activities that cannot obtain a permit to enter a SEZ, such as explosives, tobacco or alcohol manufacturers.
Poland has many business sectors that are developing rapidly, such as the manufacturing sector and the research and development sector.
Our company formation team in Warsaw can help you make the first steps towards investing in Warsaw and offer you continuous and complete company management services in Poland. Please contact us for a complete offer.

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