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Gambling Activities in Poland

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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A member of the European Union and also of the European Economic Area, Poland has constantly expanded its gambling legislation which also includes online gambling. In Poland there are a lot more casinos than in the past and the live poker is regulated and legal. Towards the end of 2014, the Polish Council of Ministers created a draft amendment to the Polish Gambling Act from 2009. This allows foreign investors who want to open gaming companies in Poland new opportunities of obtaining a license or a permit in order to conduct their businesses. Our experts in company formation can guide you through the set-up procedures and offer further information on the taxation of gambling activities.

Gambling Law and types of gambling activities in Poland 

The Polish Gambling Law is the one setting up the operating conditions for any activities in the games of chance field, slot machines and betting:
   - games of chance can be number games, telebingo, raffle bingo, raffle lotteries, cash lotteries, promotion lotteries, cylindrical games etc; their prize can be cash or various objects and the game’s outcome depends a lot on chance and also on game rules;
   - betting can be placed for cash or things and is determined by guessing, the prize depending on the total stakes paid;
   - the games on slot machines are games of chance played with electronic/mechanical devices and the prizes are either cash or things. 
If you need assistance in the gambling activities sector or you want to set up a company in Poland, feel free to contact our company registration specialists.

Requirements for investing in Polish gambling sector

When engaging in gambling/gaming activities in Poland you need to obtain an operating license from the Minister of Public Finance which is responsible for allowing the organizing of a tournament, betting and cash bingo halls.
Since September 2015 the new amendment to the law on gambling allows joint-stock and limited liability companies with basis in an EU state member or in an European Free Trade Association (EFTA) to carry out their gambling activities in Poland by means of creating a Polish branch or a representative office. In order to apply for a license or permit in Poland, these European companies have to comply with the local laws requirements with the minimum share capital applicable to the Gambling Act.
European companies can apply for a permit or a license in the following cases:
  • - if the sources of funding can be demonstrated as legal;
  • - if they can prove various custom duties and the due payment of the taxes;
  • - in case they can demonstrate the payment of health insurance and social contributions.
In what the online operations are concerned, the betting activities can be conducted as before, under the conditions in the Polish permit, in the betting rules and also in the Polish Gambling Act.
Some papers must be submitted for opening a company in Poland, as well as proof that their activities do not imply high risk for the local community. The documents that need to be filed with the authorities are: 
  • - identity of the owner, 
  • - certificate of incorporation, 
  • - a clean criminal record,
  • - an evidence of competence and integrity to operate a gambling facility. 
In case you intend to engage in gambling business activities or you are pursuing the idea of registering a gaming company in Poland, you can ask our agents in company formation for help, as our team has expanded expertise in this area. 

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