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Company Formation Poland



Open a bank account in Poland

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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After opening a company in Poland, an investor should also open a Polish bank account. For a newly established business, one of the most important issues is choosing the right bank, because financial services are essential for the activity of any company. 
Company registration in Poland  - choosing the right bank
In Poland entrepreneurs can choose from state owned banks, cooperative banks and regular (commercial) banks. The most common European banks also have branches in Poland. Almost all banks offer account access via Internet and there are also several that only operate online, without a physical branch. After registering a company in Poland, the manager must choose the right bank considering the company's profile. 
Some of the cooperative banks - that usually do not benefit from a lot of publicity, might offer less expensive services than the regular banks. Therefore any trader should compare different offers regarding the quality and costs of services - like international and local money transfers, cash processing, cash in transit, currency exchange, cash loans, account maintenance fees etc.
How to open a bank account in Poland
To open a bank account in Poland, any person must provide a passport or ID card, a postal address and sometimes additional documents. It is not compulsory for the postal address to be in Poland, but the bank will request a permanent address, for mailing. Usually, it can be arranged to receive all informations by e-mail or open a Polish  bank account via Internet. In most cases, a user can browse a Polish bank's website using an English language interface.
There are several documents required when opening a corporate bank account in Poland, like ID cards or passports of directors and shareholders, specimen signatures of directors and copy of some official company documents.
Transfering money from or to Poland
If you want to trasport up to 10.000 euro in Poland you can do it  without any declaration at the border. For cash amounts above 10.000 euros,  the owner is requested to submit a declaration form at the custom. It is adviseable for him to use the EU Standard Transfer, since specialists say it is the cheapest, fastest and convenient way to transfer larger amounts in and from Poland. Please note though that the EU Standard Transfer can only be used for transactions within the European Union.
For money transfer  between Poland and countries outside the European Union you can also use the services of Western Union, MoneyGram and iKobo.
For more information about how to open a Polish bank account or information related to company formation in Poland please contact our specialists.


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