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Company Formation Poland



Open a Beverages Company in Poland

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Open-a-Beverages-Company-in-Poland.jpgPoland has a developed food and beverage market that is open to innovation and investments. The country presents several advantages, including a geographical one to all foreign investors who want to open a beverages company in Poland.
Polish consumers are open toward new brands and products that are launched on the market, however, as a study from 2015 showed, they are largely concerned with health and wellness.
Our company formation agents in Poland give you the main details concerning investments in the beverages industry, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic products.

The beverages industry in Poland

Poland has a developed beverage industry, with demand for many types of commercial beverages. The soft drinks, still drinks and the alcoholic drinks sub-markets are three examples of investment areas that can be targeted by foreign investors.
The market potential is considerable, taking into consideration the country’s large internal market and the rate of consumption. Many large international companies are present on the market and company mergers are a possibility in this business sector. 
Investors who want to open a company in Poland should be aware that the food and beverage sector is subject to requirements for manufacturing and distribution. Special permits and licenses are often required. These may include import permits, for bringing alcoholic or non-alcoholic products into the country or those permits that refer to beverage manufacturing, hygiene, and production.

Opening a company in Poland

Foreign investment is encouraged in Poland and, except for a limited number of restrictions, and foreign entrepreneurs enjoy the same treatment as local investors or legal entities.
The limited liability company is a popular choice for investors and a good option for those who want to open a beverages company in Poland. Alternatively, entrepreneurs may open a joint stock company, a branch of a foreign company, a sole proprietorship or choose between the types of partnerships available in the country. 
All companies are required to open their bank account in Poland and register with the National Court Register. Companies are assigned an REGON number and must comply with the tax requirements in Poland.
For more information and advice regarding foreign investments in the country please do not hesitate to contact our company formation specialists in Poland


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