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Open a Cryptocurrency Company in Poland

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Open-a-Cryptocurrency-Company-in-Poland.jpgPoland recognized Bitcoin trading as of 2016 and companies that trade in virtual currencies have increased their number. In order to open a cryptocurrency company in Poland, investors need to follow the general rules for company formation but also the special regulations in this field that is subject to ongoing regulatory changes. 
Poland is encouraging the development of the cryptocurrency community and blockchain technology. The Government has already made steps towards encouraging start-up companies in this field. 
Investors who need help in order to open a company in Poland can talk to one of our company formation agents.

The cryptocurrency sector in Poland

Poland officially recognized trading and mining of virtual currencies. This includes Bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies. These types of companies are able to obtain an official registration in Poland and the issue, sale, and purchase of electronic currencies is classified as official statistics services in Poland. The status and the taxation of profits derived from cryptocurrency activities is still to be regulated. Those investors who are interested in current taxation matters for companies can talk to one of our Polish company formation experts.
Earlier this year, the Polish Government released a set of best practices for the national cryptocurrency market. Start-ups in this field benefit from several national programs, implemented by the Ministry of Digital Affairs.
The Polish company formation process is the same for cryptocurrency companies as for any other type of corporate structure. Investors who cannot be present in the country for the entire duration of the process can request specialized, personalized investment aid from one of our experts.

Opening a Polish company

Company formation in Poland is an easy procedure both for local and foreign investors. The new company needs to have an original name and be registered with the National Court Register. different types of companies have different requirements for a minimum share capital and for the management structure.
Entrepreneurs who want to know more about cryptocurrencies and their treatment in Poland can contact us for detailed information and advice on investments.

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