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Open a Franchise Business in Poland

Updated on Thursday 21st December 2017

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Open-a-Franchise-Business-in-Poland.jpgInvestors who open a franchise business in Poland have access to various business opportunities and benefit from acquiring the business know-how, together with the rights to bring a specific business to the Polish market.
The relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee is determined by the franchise agreement. Below, our Polish company formation agents describe the issues that need to address both by the franchisor and by the franchisee.
The following video presented by our Polish company formation agents summarizes the advantages of the franchise


How to become a franchisor 

The Polish franchisor is the one who has created a successful business and is willing to sell the usage rights for the tested business model. In a franchise agreement, the franchisor allows the franchisee to open a business based on an already existing and successful model.
The franchisor grants the following via a franchise agreement:
- the business model, which is a recognized and already successful one;
- the trademark, which is also already recognized in a particular field or market;
- the business system, which is the means of conducting business used in all other franchises;
- support for the new Polish franchise.
One of our agents can give you complete details on company formation in Poland and the franchising opportunities should you decide to become a franchisor and sell your business model.

How to become a franchisee

The franchisee in Poland, the one who buys the business model and rights, has access to a business that has been tested on other markets and in other cities and has proven to be a successful one.
The role of the franchisee is to pay in order to acquire the rights to use the franchise model and use the gained rights and business know-how to start and operate the franchise in Warsaw, Wroclaw or other Polish cities of choice. The franchisee will take on the complete responsibility for managing and running the new location. They are the ones who control the operations of their particular franchise business in Poland.
Our experts can keep you up to date with the business opportunities for franchisees in all main Polish cities. Contact us if you want to start a business or explore the franchise opportunities in the country.

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