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Opening a Consulting Business in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 12th November 2019

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Consulting businesses in Poland are becoming more popular and the demand for consulting professionals is growing as the Polish market is expanding. Consultants in Poland can cover different areas of expertise and a consulting business may provide services for a number of business sectors in Poland. The most important role of a consultant is to give clients access to valuable expertise that would otherwise be inaccessible. Professional consulting services can make the difference between a successful company in Poland and a less successful business venture.
Our company formation experts in Poland can help you open a consulting business and advise you on the most common types of business and private consultancy areas in Poland.
Types of business consulting services
Consultants in Poland can provide consulting services for Polish businesses in various areas such as management, accountancy, law, human resources, finance and even engineering and science. If you want to open a general consulting firm is it advisable to consider a business plan that will allow your company to grow in time and access different business fields in which you may provide consultancy services. For this purpose, you may consider hiring expert consultants at your firm.
Marketing consulting is a generally popular type of business consulting in Poland. Polish companies may employ the services of expert consultants that can help them establish marketing strategies and product development schemes. You can choose one certain area of expertise to base your consulting activity on and, in time, expand your portfolio of clients.
Our company formation specialists can help you buy or rent an office space in Poland for your consulting business. If you are foreign investors who wished to set up a company in Poland and hire foreign personnel, we can provide all the needed details about work permits in Poland. If you need other services, such as painting, medical services etc., we can put you in touch with our international partners. 
Please contact our company formation agents in Poland for more information about business start-up costs in various Polish cities like Warsaw or Krakow.

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