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Opening a Travel Agency in Poland

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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Poland: more than you imagine

Poland is a country filled with natural beauty and scars of the past. A tourist in Poland will not be bored because a trip here can combine various activities, recreational destinations, a bit of history and even medical tourism. Investors who want to open a travel agency in Poland can start by offering tourists a chance to discover this beautiful country.
Our Polish company formation firm provides various company incorporation services and can help you decide what type of company is best suited for your business.

Why is Poland attractive for tourists?

Tourism is an important contributor to Poland’s economy. The country is an interesting destination in Europe and it combines the beauty of historic cities with chilling historic sites like Auschwitz, the German Nazi concentration camp.
The most popular cities in Poland are Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan, Lublin and Torun. Recreational destinations include the Masurian Lake District, the Baltic Sea cost and the beautiful Tatra Mountains, the highest mountain range of the Carpathians which has much to offer to nature and adventure lovers.
Poland has many beautiful forests which remain relatively pristine. Old historic buildings can be found throughout the country and Poland has also many castles that attract history enthusiasts. The country also has a number of tourist resorts, including several for skiing and hiking.

Steps for opening a travel agency in Poland

When opening a travel agency in Poland, investors must choose the type of company they want to set up. The limited liability company is a popular business choice, but other business forms are also available. Foreign entrepreneurs may want to avoid setting up a new company and may choose to open a branch or a subsidiary of a larger foreign travel agency.
Some business activities in Poland require special permits and licenses and touristic activities are generally subject to certain regulations. Our attorneys in Poland can offer you complete details about the necessary documents and the company registration procedure.
As your company grows you may want to relocate your office and purchase a new property and may consider hiring employees for your business.
Travel agencies in Poland can provide various services for tourists and the quality of the travel packages and offers will help you differentiate your company from others on the market. Poland is a country with great potential for development, especially in the tourism sector and entrepreneurs are willing to invest in this type of business.
Our Polish law firm can give you complete information about the legislation for investments and other related matters. Please contact our attorneys for any questions.

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