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Shelf Companies in Poland

Updated on Thursday 30th January 2020

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Shelf-Companies-in-Poland.jpgReady-made companies in Poland

Shelf companies in Poland are legal entities that have been incorporated but have not yet performed any commercial activities. They can be purchased by foreign investors who want to shorten the time for company incorporation. This is a preferred method for starting a business in Poland because the business activities can be commenced right away. 
This type of corporate entity can also be used to purchase real estate or apply for certain licenses and credits. Owners who will want to change the Polish company structure after purchasing a ready-made company will still have to register the changes with the Polish Trade Registry.
Our Polish company formation experts invite you to watch a short video about the particularities of a shelf company in Poland:

The advantages of a shelf company in Poland

The advantages of a shelf company in Poland include a significantly shorter time before being able to begin the commercial activity, creditworthiness and a safe and clean background for the company. However, investors who choose to purchase this type of company are advised to perform a company due diligence procedure, just like when purchasing an existing Polish company. The verification is necessary to make sure that the company is indeed free of any liabilities and has no financial debts.
Investors who buy a ready-made Polish company have the freedom to change the company name after the transfer is complete. Other changes are also possible like designating new company representatives or adding new or additional objects of activity for the company. According to the Polish Commercial Companies Code, the new company owner must registered these changes within 7 days.

Buying a shelf company in Poland

When opening a new company in Poland, the founders need to provide certain incorporation documents and notarized copies. This is also applicable for shelf companies. The new owner will have to submit a series of required documents so that the company can be fully transferred.
The company’s Articles of Association will be amended to include information about the new shareholders and the management board. A Share Transfer Agreement is drawn up and notarized in order to perform the registration of the share transfer in the shelf company. A formal registration with the Trade Register will take place after all the documents are prepared.
After the transfer of shares in complete, the Polish shelf company can begin its commercial activities. The new company owners should also make all the necessary arrangements to take control over the company’s bank accounts. A shelf company in Poland is typically provided with a REGON number and a VAT registration.
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