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Tax Minimization in Poland

Updated on Tuesday 24th March 2020

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Tax_Minimization_in_Poland.jpgLegally reduce taxes

Tax minimization strategies can help companies and individuals reduce the amount of due taxes. The process requires the use of certain strategies and good financial planning. Tax minimization in Poland is different from tax evasion or avoidance, the latter making use of illegal strategies and schemes. 
Our company formation experts in Poland are ready to give you complete advice regarding the best ways to legally reduce taxes for companies and individuals.

Tax minimization strategies

A first step that can be taken into consideration when investing in Poland is to choose tax-efficient investments. This is a good long-term strategy not only for doing business in Poland but also to ensure tax minimization. This step is usually taken during the first years of a company’s life, during the accumulation stage but is can also be used as the company begins to collect income from assets.
Another way to minimize taxes is to bring forward the tax deductions into the current fiscal year. In Poland, certain expenses like travel expenses or certain services can be listed as business services and can be deducted. Contributions to retirement plans can also help to reduce the amount of due taxes at the end of the year, if they are made in advance.
Polish companies can make donations to organizations and benefit from tax reductions that apply in this case. Contributions can be made in cash or in kind. Our company formation representatives in Poland can give you complete details to the reductions that may apply to taxes for companies and individuals. 

An overview on Polish taxes

Companies in Poland are subject to a number of taxes. However, Poland has also concluded a large number of double tax treaties with other countries to avoid unnecessary taxation for companies that operate both in Poland and abroad.
The most important taxes for companies in Poland are the corporate tax, which has a value of 19% and the value added tax that applies to the provision of goods and services and has standard rate of 23%.
Our company formation agents in Poland can give you in-depth information about the taxes for companies and individuals in Poland. Please contact us if you are interested in more tax minimization strategies. We can also help you if you need VAT registration services in Poland.

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