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The Share Capital in Poland

Updated on Friday 08th December 2017

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The various types of companies that can be incorporated in Poland require different amounts of share capital.


General share capital requirements for a limited liability company in Poland

For the limited liability company (a Polish Sp.z.o.o.), the most common type of company in Poland, the shareholders need to contribute with a minimum amount of 5,000 PLN (approximately 1,200 EUR, in June 2014).

The entire amount required as share capital must be deposited before the Polish company is registered.

After the contribution to the company’s share capital is completed, each of the members of the Board of Directors should make a written statement that the company’s share capital has been fully paid up.

The minimum share capital for a limited liability company in Poland may be made in cash or through non-monetary contributions.

The minimum value of one share is 50 PLN (approximately 12 EUR, in June 2014). The share capital is divided into shares. The value of the shares can be equal or unequal.


Share capital increase for a limited liability company in Poland

The company’s Articles of Association may stipulate that there is no mandatory need for a shareholder’s meeting in order to increase the share capital. However, this increase can be made in a   specific interval of time and not exceeding a specific amount.

If so stipulated in the Articles of Association, shareholders may have to make additional contributions which will not be considered part of the shared capital. These contributions may be necessary in order to fulfil the company’s financial requirements.


Capital requirements for a joint-stock company in Poland

The minimum share capital required for the incorporation of a joint-stock company in Poland is 100,000 PLN (approximately 24,000 EUR in June 2014). The share capital will be paid into a bank account belonging to the Polish company.

At least a quarter of the share capital must be paid before the joint-stock company is registered.


Share capital increase for a joint-stock company

The share capital for a joint-stock company may be increased through new contributions from the shareholders or from company funds (supplementary capital or reserve capital). The management board can also make a resolution for the increase of the capital; it has to be approved by the shareholders.

The nominal value of a share cannot be lower than 0.01 PLN (1 polish Zloty = 0.24 EUR, in June 2014).


For further information about the share capital needed for different types of companies in Poland contact our company formation specialists in Poland.


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