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Workforce in Poland

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Poland is one of Europe’s success stories. The country has been making remarkable progress after the end of the communist era.
Poland joined the European Union in 2004 but is yet to be included in the Eurozone. However, the country experienced a boost in economic growth and has become increasingly attractive for foreign investors.
Foreign direct investments are welcomed in the country and foreign investors will find that Poland has more to offer than lucrative business opportunities. The Polish workforce is well-educated and the wages for the employees are low if compared to those in other European Union countries.

Workforce trends in Poland

The unemployment rate in Poland decreased in May 2014 and is currently at a lower level than the average unemployment rate of approximately 13%. The most notable unemployment crisis in Poland took place in the spring of 2003 when approximately 20% of the population was looking for a job. This The Central Statistical Office of Poland reports the unemployment rate in Poland.
Currently, monthly analysis starting with January 2014 show that unemployment rates continue to decrease slowly as the economy is growing and generating new jobs.
The enterprise sector recorded the highest employment rate in May 2014 and shows a somewhat constant monthly increase. Additionally, employment in the manufacturing sector and in the construction and mining sectors rose steadily.
Youth unemployment in Poland saw some worrying figures in previous years but is currently on the mend, as its percentage decreased by almost 3 % in May 2014, compared to May 2013.
All of these figures indicate that the Polish labour market, like the entire EU labour market is slowly recovering.

A positive future for workforce in Poland

The private sector is perhaps the first choice of many Polish employees. Foreign investors that choose to open companies in Poland create new jobs, mainly in services.
International companies may choose to open branches or subsidiaries in Poland as the economy shows gradual signs of improvement.
Apart from assistance needed for handing workforce-related matters, our accountants in Poland offer complete services for preparing and submitting the annual financial statements, meeting the ongoing requirements for tax payment and filing, payroll matters, as well as many other issues. If you would like to know more about our accounting solutions, please reach out to one of our team members.
Business owners that want to invest in Poland or qualified persons that want to work in Poland can contact our company formation specialists in Poland for more information about the labour market.


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